What’s the future of architecture in the UK? What needs to change to improve the health of the profession and those within it?

In 2016, Ben Derbyshire was elected as president of the RIBA on a platform of change. This vision of the RIBA future – or FutuRIBA – is where the conversation starts.

Ben will be documenting his events, thoughts and conversations with architects across the UK on this very page and encouraging people to join the debate.

Find out more by checking out the latest posts below.

FutuRIBA roadshow day 2: Honesty, disengagement and future growth

Weston Williamson Architects, London – Wednesday December 7th

The latest stage of our FutuRIBA tour took me to the heart of London and Weston Williamson Architects, where I was able to meet a range of practices and architects – to try and get to the heart of some of their most pressing concerns.

It was an incredibly honest and open conversation, exactly the kind of thing we need. Here are a few of the comments and ideas that came out of the session.

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FutuRIBA roadshow day 1: Education, technology and value

Xsite Architects, Newcastle – Thursday December 1st

The first day of our FutuRIBA tour was an opportunity to open the debate that I had started during my campaign for presidency of the RIBA.

For those of you who have followed that campaign, you’ll know my platform was one dedicated to openness and how best we can improve the institute for its members – and the members who were kind enough to join the discussion at Xsite Architects in Newcastle did a great job in opening up some conversation points. Continue reading “FutuRIBA roadshow day 1: Education, technology and value”