FutuRIBA roadshow day 3: Protection, modernisation and openness

Allies and Morrison LLP, London –Thursday January 26th

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We returned to London on 26 January for the third stage of our FutuRIBA roadshow – in which we meet architects around the country and get their input in shaping the future of the RIBA.

I am grateful to the team at Allies and Morrison for hosting the event, and to colleagues from across the capital for taking part and sharing their views.

Here’s a flavor of the ideas and suggestions that were shared:

On the RIBA…

As a student, the Institute was a ‘safe haven’ in London. The library/café was ours in the heart of the capital. This sense of welcome has been lostI want the RIBA to protect architects. To engage me it must become a welcoming late haven – a trade union, a Wikipedia, a topical network.” – Alex Wraight, Allies & Morrison

How do you plan on connecting with new graduates who are looking to do more, and get value from this lifelong investment of £100k worth of debt?” – Matthew Bullock, Allies & Morrison

How do you plan to take on the modernisation and shortening of architectural education?” Anna Podlaszewska, Allies & Morrison

What is the RIBA doing to support its members – especially small and medium practices – in tackling unfair and uninsurable public contracts? What is going to be done to address the TFL and GLA-type frameworks?” – Indu Ramaswamy, Allies & Morrison

On the Future…

I hope the RIBA can become more dynamic and relevant. I want to play my part. As a young member, I am invested in any ideas and initiatives that safeguard and enhance the purpose on which I’ve chosen to build my life.” Eleana Jolliffe, Allies & Morrison

The RIBA could run small, regular, local events like this one – where architects can connect and share ideas, and feed back into the RIBA. There is a great desire to have an input and feel engaged.” – Bea Beazley, Grid Architects

I’d like to see direct, local intuition and innovation – like the event tonight – to address member apathy. Bigger digital footprint and more effective interactions with members.” – Mukesh Patel, Grid Architects

The RIBA should challenge procurement orthodoxies, and fight the now ubiquitous requirement for experience and knowledge of a similar type prior to selection.” – Bob Allies, Allies & Morrison

How do we communicate more with people outside architecture, who are not architects?

Become more open to non-members. Exhibitions and conferences to encourage cross-trade interaction, discussion and relationships. Could the RIBA and architects’ practices work together to promote events and share resource? Events should be advertised better, and people invited for more competitions.”

How can architects and designers come together to share ideas?

We need a voice/presence outside of our niche profession, a condensed educational process, and influence at government level. How can we gain relevance within industry? Architects have surrendered skill, fee basis and voice to others.” Sean Joyce, Allies & Morrison

How can RIBA become a key player in POE (post-occupancy evaluation) and the important work of Bill Bordass?” – Jenny Lovell, Allies & Morrison

How can the RIBA help to promote the role of architects in society and the construction industry? There is a feeling that the role and benefit of the architect is being eroded.”

So what do you think? Is the RIBA doing enough to support learning across the whole of the UK? Is investment in training and technology what we need to better represent you, your practice or your profession?

You’ll find our upcoming dates here.

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