FutuRIBA roadshow day 10: Diversification, inclusivity and opportunities for the young

Cullinan Studio – 7th June

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On the RIBA…

“How can I trust the RIBA to defend a European/Globalized and inclusive Architecture?” Jules Kleitman, Cullinan Studio

“Being an international student, I am interested to know what the RIBA plans to do in order to improve education, promoting it in a way to interest and educate people to study in the UK and to want to become RIBA qualified.” Linda Malaeb, Cullinan Studio

“I have three architecture degrees yet never felt welcome at RIBA as not qualified in architecture. My role is at the interface of architecture and engineering. I would like access – affiliate/fellow route please!!”

“I was disappointed to learn (before this talk) that the RIBA currently does not record the demographic of BME architects and would like to see the RIBA engage with this.” Ibrahim Buhari, Burrell Foley Piscaher LLP

“You should have sponsored drinks at RIBA events -Tate Lates- More like a union.”

“Architecture is a profession and as profession, we do business! Therefore, RIBA should be a club for business, with a wide category of members, including a free, starter membership for students.” Wen Quek, Cullinan Studio

On the Future…

“1. Spot on; a four year degree with foundation year!
2. Lively 66 Portland place – what’s the trick?
3. Consumer pull is essential
4. Research – post occupancy evaluation
5. Collaboration is a must do
6. Affirmation action on diversifying
7. Ethics commission” Robin Nicholson, Cullinan Studio

“1. First degree should be multi-disciplinary e.g. ‘Architecture, Economics & politics BA.’                                                                                                                                              2. Our profession will only have any meaningful impact on politics, business & the built environment / industry if more architects move into positions outside of architecture.” Philip Graham, Cullinan Studio

“1. How do you bridge the gap between education & practice? Educators that I have encountered promote individualism and I rarely had to do group work. 2. find the course I did quite discouraging towards students who have interests outside of architecture, so I definitely agree a more generalist degree will be popular amongst the youth.                                                                  3. There is an impression that people have to know they want to be architects before they commit to the education, because it is so tough and demanding physically, mentally, psychologically.                                                                                       4. Schools should lower the cases of (often) unreported cases of stress and mental health issues in university- students are often reluctant to speak out because of the competitive environment at school.”

“Working with the  disempowered is the way for the profession to regain the agency it wants by using our specific skill set as architects to make actual significant improvements to the people most in need!” Aditya Aachi, Cullinan Studio

“How to reduce architecture student’s fees? (Tuitions +Living) to not deter talented students who don’t have the funds, so not just the very rich study architecture.

Think about the architecture curriculum training, architects in finance and other skills rather than just design to equip them for an ever-changing world?

How to get younger architectures in membership so not average age of 57! Feel the RIBA should be campaigning by using parliament to make sure our value is valued!” Hannah Durham, Cullinan Studio

“Promote the value of good design.” Colin Rice, Cullinan Studio




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