FutuRIBA roadshow day 13: Expense, Education & post-Brexit

Farrells, London – 6th September

On the RIBA…

“I think you raise some ‘hot topics’ for the profession – education for me is the biggest issue to tackle – to upskill our graduates to the the starting point of a convincing profession. Looking forward to the ‘membership’ being re-invigorated!” Shevaughn Rieck, Farrells

“You spoke of affiliations with other members of the industry, of collaboration, of global. In a post Brexit landscape does this put additional pressure in the way RIBA approaches the relationships with other international professional organisations?” Michael Faulkner, Farrells

On the Future…

“We design houses, but we can’t afford to buy one” Donika Llakmani, Farrells