FutuRIBA roadshow day 12: Relevance, Equality & Support

Quattro Design Architects Ltd, Gloucester – 19th July

On the RIBA…

“Jane Duncan has been a promoter of -diversity and smaller practice- and in that time we’ve seen some small wins for emerging practices. Will this continue? On the whole its hard to break into new sectors as a small emerging practice, and expensive trying to!” Matthew Austin, Austin Design Works

“Of course the input of architects to the RIBA  is crucial, but there needs to be a belief (among us) that the RIBA will deliver the message to society. So more media exposure, more lobbying please.” Geoff Davis, Natural Architecture

“Fully support Ben Derbyshire’s agenda for the architect to be put back in control of the whole process from initial design to completed building.” Humprey Cook, Humprey Cook Associates 

“Exciting and welcome inclusion of POE in the agenda. Stage M feedback/Stage 7 may finally come of age.”  Martin Cook, DQM Solutions 

“I am currently undertaking a planning course and I agree that the construction industry should be more collaborative and less marginalised. Perhaps more communication between RIBA and the RTPI would be beneficial.” Emma Blunt, Quattro Design Architects

“What will the RIBA be doing to support and address the mental health of architects?” James Taylor, Quattro Design Architects

On the Future…

“Value addition in the form of acquiring cutting edge kills should be compulsory for architects, we tend to get too comfortable in our ways with age.” Shivam Garg, Roberts Limbrick LTD

“As a young female ‘newly’ qualified architect I do hope we can have better acknowledgement of our talents and need for us in the industry. We want to have more roles and responsibility without beng ‘pushed’ out by typical WBM.” Jessica Bonfield, Roberts Limbrick Architects