FutuRIBA roadshow day 11: Engagement, Value & Ownership

1Mann Island, Liverpool – 13th July

On the RIBA…

“I believe the profession fails its students/future architects, and as a result the graduates fail the profession. The education system is/has been ‘under review’ for as long as I (as a young member) have been aware of it.” Amy Whitmore, Austin-Smith: Lords

“Member collaboration strategies could be explored, tested and improved upon. In my opinion, this underpins member interest and should increase participation.” Timothy Onyenobi, AA-Architecture LTO

“Chartered practice status must become more onerous and better policed in terms of meeting ethical standards. The RIBA needs to get involved (with others) at raising aspirations and design standards amongst the city, councils and clients. RIBA is doing lots of good stuff already- but members don’t know about it! Communication must improve!” Darren Jones, SHEDKM

On the Future…

“Agree about complete revision of education process” Michael CunninghamMersey Design Group 

“My plea…make sure research & development requirements relevant to small practice. Challenge: Sort out/bypass PGQ’s!” Richard Wooldridge, Harrison Pitt Architects