FutuRIBA roadshow day 8: Schools, apprenticeships and diversity

NUA, Norwich – Thursday 11th May

On the Future…

“Architecture in schools is essential! Even just as extra-curricular.” – James Watkins, Purcell

“There are fundamental iussues with the university way of teaching. Students leaving university need more help and advice on applying for and experience of the working environment.” – James Watkins, Purcell

“Allow diversity and stick together” Andrew Gibbs, Studio Urban Blu Ltd

“Practices taking on Part 1 students/ Part 2 students should follow a set of guidelines to ensure they are providing the sufficient experience in order to equip them for the next stage. This has to tie into improving architectural education across the country to achieve less detachment between education and practice” – Lucy Furniss, LSI Architects LLP

“Legal support for SME when we need support from rogue clients” Andrew Gibbs, Studio Urban Blu Ltd