FutuRIBA roadshow day 6: Local branding, education and resource

BDP, Sheffield – Thursday April 6th

A well attended and diverse group hosted by BDP in Sheffield. The emphasis was on an appropriate devolution of focus and resources from national to local level.

On the RIBA…

“Answering the questions ‘What does the RIBA do for me’ is best answered at a local level. The ‘national’ RIBA must continue to support its regional offices + teams which in turn support local branches.” – Karl Brown, HLM Architects

“Get me into school as an ambassador in Huddersfield area.”

“RIBA (North) is not representative of North of England – takes as long to get to as Portland place.” – Lucy Plumridge, HLM Architects

“As a sole practitioner, my practice should be a chartered practice without being asked to pay more provided I make the criteria.”

“Branding is key, our local brand is Yorkshire not ‘Leeds’ or ‘Sheffield’. Yorkshire is a constellation of towns, villages, cities and need the collective label.

Devolution federal model is good.” Danni Kerr, Superhistory

On the Future…

“Architects need to have more influence in policy making at local level. How can they help practices to have local, regional and national influence.” Rebecca Goodson, BDP

“I think we need to broaden our horizons on what it means to be an architect. I want to be able to gain recognised experience (for my PEDR) whilst working as a freelancer (developing apps etc. which have as much  impact on our experience as the buildings themselves)”

“More routes to qualification! Now!! Chartered practices should be required to collate client feedback (to be audited like CPD records). This kind of feedback can lead to providing better value + increased remuneration.”

“If the RIBA devolved more power (+cash!) to the Sheffield society of Architects we would spend it on community engagement projects. Locally relevant competitions
– engage specific geographical communities
– cross discipline events
We believe this will make the RIBA more relevant to local members + increase member engagement.”

“Post-occupancy report as a way of attaching value is good as long as it doesn’t just focus on measurable it also needs to include qualitative statements.

Completely agree that we need to renew modes of procurement.

More routes to qualification.” – Danni Kerr, Superhistory

“Yorkshire Regional office are brilliant now expand them to be the devolved RIBA.”

“Make the universities much more responsible to vocation!!”

So what do you think? Do you feel disconnected from the RIBA and think there’s a better way we could be engaging architects? How do you see us representing you, your practice or your profession more effectively?

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