FutuRIBA roadshow day 4: Relevance, accountability and decentralisation

Glenn Howells Architects, Birmingham – Wednesday February 15th

The team at Glenn Howells were good enough to host the fourth instalment of the FutuRIBA roadshow on 15 February.

We asked how to improve the health of our profession, and colleagues from across Birmingham were vocal in support of change.

Here are some of the comments and ideas we came up with:

On the RIBA…

What is the relevance of the RIBA? What is its agenda for port evaluation? How can we communicate ‘quality’ & ‘value’ to the public and construction industry?

On the Future…

Stop abrogating responsibilities to other (often less qualified) consultants – project managers, etc – and learn to design and manage from inception to the end. We need students to work with builders so they are aware of the needs of builders and contractors.”

Devolution! We need power back in the region. It’s the same issues as everywhere else – distrust, disenfranchisement, globalised movement frameworks. Centralised decisions and central budgets! Give the regions an allowance to spend locally. I’d attend more CPDs if they were cheaper – that is engagement!

Universities should teach more about business, rather than just 7+ years of design.”

So what do you think? Do you feel disconnected from the RIBA and think there’s a better way we could be engaging architects? How do you see us representing you, your practice or your profession more effectively?

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Image credit with thanks: Glenn Howells Architects.