FutuRIBA roadshow day 9: Value, Ownership and Personality

Make Architects – 31st May

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On the RIBA…

“Public engagement could be better; Portland place events exude elegance and have an ‘ELITE’ IIMAGE. RIBA seem like A ONCE-A-YEAR communicator” 

“Can RIBA work with ARB to simplify int. architect recognition?” Simon Saint, Woods Bagot

“An architect is…someone who… The RIBA should be promoting the many answers to this in all areas of the profession” – Cara Bamford, Make Architects

“RIBA house to learn from SOHO house”

“Tackle and lobby on the housing issue” –  Mark Tynan, Make Architects

“Question: What is the main reason for a young architect to join RIBA?

Comment: Women are dropping off the profession at an older / family stage

Call: If you value the word you live in then value the people who work hard to shape!” – Agnes Kasparian, Fletcher Priest Architects

“To celebrate architects and their value / contribution RIBA should work more an expanding the collections / library with contemporary work” – Albena Atanassova, Scott Brownrigg 

“If architects are proud of body and profession it will become a thriving / exciting place and draw public, clients, LA and government” Gareth Price, Lyndon Goode Architect

“Please can we have a private (Free) members club!!

Stop giving the impression that architects don’t care about clients and contractors commercial interests.” – Frank Filskow, Make Architects

“The RIBA needs to feel more welcoming as a value – more events / exhibition / parties” – Jacob Alsop, Make Architects

“We need to take back the building! Make the top floor a club / bar a space to talk / drink / make our own, to promote discourse the onus is on us the members” – Bill Webb, Make Architects

On the Future…

“Digital / youthful / research / promote / exciting place and profession / RIBA falling behind profession

Balance it’s book and use the membership money wisely. It should be in profit and invested into society.” 

“Fees are not the value of the service we provide” – Aniunia Infanger, Fletcher Priest Architects

“How can the architect win control of a project, especially D&B one?” – Paritosh Job

“Education system review – especially part 111/PEDR” – Gareth Price, Lyndon Goode Architect

“Lifelong learning should be embedded in PEDR SCPh which ought to be user-friendly and a way for delivering research into the profession of its state” – Albena Atanassova, Scott Brownrigg 

“Bridge the gap between an ever increasingly esoteric education and highly complex profession!” – Frank Filskow, Make Architects


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